Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Show Us a Better Way – The UK government harnesses the creative powers of the great unwashed

Ever been frustrated that you can't find out something that ought to be easy to find? Ever been baffled by league tables or 'performance indicators'? – so asks the opening paragraph of the new site from the Power of information taskforce.

In essence the UK government is running a huge competition, asking how can we make technology help us use our data better.
It’s open to all.
And there’s a £20k prize fund. Hardly a massive incentive, but still it might be enough to get some creative types off their beanbags/or GCSE students to look up from their PCs and give it a crack.

I think this is a really positive step forward.
The way things are done on high has been set in centuries of bureaucracy for years now. A Bureaucracy set up a long long time before digital information was ever dreamt of. As the website admits:

We're confident that you'll have more and better ideas than we ever will.

I’m sure the public will.

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