Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Great Wall of China... The Zero emissions media wall.

I saw this post on lost remote today.

It’s a picture of a huge media well that’s sprung up close to the Olympic site in Beijing. It looks amazing, and is entirely sustained by nature.
By day, solar panels take in energy. Buy night, the light show begins. The wall morphs and shimmers in response to the elements.

I like this kind of thing.

It’s innovative.

Its fun.

It entertains.

And it shows us what the power of nature can do for us if we just take the time to think about it.

Nature is our friend.

There are a couple of other fantastic examples of this type of thing that I’ve come across recently.
The Oasis in London – used to be a wind and solar powered installation, in which you could sit, slip a visual helmet on and enjoy a film of robots exploring mars whilst (if memory serves correctly), listening to some tunes. (is it still there?)

The Southbank in London has a tower powered by the wind, with lights that change in response to the weather.

One of my favourite pieces of art is by an Italian called Anselmo (annoyingly its untitled, which makes it very tricky to track down).
It's comprised of two highly polished granite stones, one bigger than the other, bound together with copper wire. Between the two stones is a hunk of lettuce.
The artist has stipulated that the sculpture is only whole and correct if it is always bound together.
Over time the lettuce dries out. And eventually, if neglected, the two rocks will become loose and fall apart – breaking the art.
The resultant work is one that constantly needs to be fed lettuce.

I love it.

Using natural forces to get man to feed a construct. Man enslaved by the machine.
… I suppose this is how capitalism works – but I digress.

I’m interested in eco powered media – for advertising, or just for fun, it doesn’t matter which.
Anyone got any examples?

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