Monday, 30 June 2008

Is this right? Sony offering downloads prior to DVD?

Now this is really interesting…

Well to me at least. I got sent it earlier today, courtesy of Mr Simon Carr. According to trend hunter, Sony will be allowing consumers to download Will Smith’s new movie 'Hancock', prior to it becoming available on TV or DVD.

From a consumer perspective this sounds great. I’ve got a young baby at home and don’t get out much… But I’d be more than happy to pay to see films ASAP. Rather than waiting for them to become available on DVD. But can it really be true?

There’s no source on the article beyond trend hunter and it would be a massive step for Sony.
Sure they could use Bravia and Playstation 3 to enable download, but the footprint for this would be tiny – what’s to stop someone videoing the feed and creating a million and one pirates? To me, you need to have your distribution end completely sorted before you try this sort of thing, or you risk losing all your profit from a film.

Does anyone know anything about it? Or have any further insight?

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